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Last update: September 22, 2021

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At all conference halls, technical sessions will be organized in a hybrid format of online and virtual meetings.
On-site participants will be able to access all conference halls and discuss with the speakers orally.

November 10, 2021 (Wednesday)
Hall I&II Room III Room IV
Remote discussion via interactive voice Remote discussion via chat Remote discussion via chat
9:00 Registration
10:30 Opening Remark (General Chair)
10:45-11:30 Hall I & II  
Chairperson Eiji Higurashi (AIST) & Shigenori Aoki (LINTEC Corporation)
IEEE EPS Special Speech I
10:45 IEEE EPS Special Speech I: Package Design Challenges for 5G and B5G
Sam Karikalan (Broadcom Inc.)
11:30-12:15 Hall I & II  
Chairperson Eiji Higurashi (AIST) & Shigenori Aoki (LINTEC Corporation)
5G & Beyond 5G Special Speech I
11:30 5G & Beyond 5G Special Speech I: AiP design for 5G: Evolution, Recent Results, and Impact on System-level Applications
Alberto Valdes-Garcia (IBM Research)
12:15 Lunch (free time)
13:15-14:45 Session 1:Advanced Packaging/Emerging Technologies Session 2: Optical technology for High density, Mobile Fronthaul & Access Session 3: EMC ESD
Chairperson Chairperson Chairperson
Kenji Takahashi (AIST) TBD TBD
Shoji Uegaki (E-ThermoGentek Co., Ltd.) TBD TBD
13:15 (Invited) TBD I-04 25 Gbit/s LiFi with Dual Wavelength Emission, Eye-safe, Laser Based White Light Collimated and Fiber Delivered Light Sources 57 Novel Conductive Polymer Capacitor 53
Katsuya Kikuchi James Raring1), Paul Rudy1), Changmin Lee1), Mohamed Sufyan Islim1), Adrian Sparks1), Stefan Videv2), Melvin McLaurin1), Binith Shah,Harald Haas2) Jeff Cain, Craig Nies
(AIST) (1)KYOCERA SLD Laser, 2)University of Strathclyde) (AVX)
13:40 (Invited) TBD I-05 A Resonance-Suppressed EML TO-CAN Employing a Metal Plate 62 Estimation of Electric Field Radiated from Wire Harness based on Approximation of Common-Mode Current Distribution using Asymmetric Dipole Antenna 45
Chen-Chao Wang Hayato Sano, Ryota Fujihara, Fumio Shoda, Seiki Nakamura, Masashi Binkai, Nobuo Ohata Hiroki Yamada, Jianqing Wang
(ASE Group) (Mitsubishi Electric Corporation) (Nagoya Institute of Technology)
14:05 Development of High-Density Organic Hybrid Substrate Using an Interconnect-Layer for Heterogeneous Integration 4 Densely Integrated 1060nm 2D VCSEL Array for Space-division Multiplexing Toward Co-packaging Optics Transceivers 34 Transmission Line Pulse Method with Arbitrary Characteristic Impedance for Immunity Evaluation of ESD Protection Device 59
Chia-Yu Peng, John Lau, CT Ko, Paul Lee, Eagle Lin, Henry Yang, Bruce Lin, Tim Xia Liang Dong1), Xiaodong Gu2), Mikito Yoshiki1), Fumio Koyama1) Kyousuke TANAKA, Tohlu MATSUSHIMA, Yuki FUKUMOTO
(Unimicron) (1)Tokyo Institute of Technology, 2)Ambition Photonics Inc.) (Kyusyu Institute of Technology)
14:30 Interview with the Authors (Discussion after the session) + Sponsor's Exhibition  Interview with the Authors (Discussion after the session)  Interview with the Authors (Discussion after the session) 
14:45 Coffee break + Sponsor's Exhibition
14:55-16:25 Session 4: Photonics session Session 5: Advanced Packaging for Power Module Session 6: Assembly and Bonding Techniques
Chairperson Chairperson Chairperson
TBD Kiyokazu Yasuda (Osaka University) Eiji Higurashi (AIST)
TBD TBD Satomi Kawamoto (Namics Corporation)
14:55 (Invited) TBD I-10 Challenges and Solutions in Electroless under Bump Metallization (UBM) - Meeting High Demands and Requirements in Wire Bonding and Soldering Application for Power Semiconductor Devices 22 LGA pre Bump Process Elimination 31
Ignazio Piacentini Stefan Pieper Jui Ang Tan1), Chong Seng Foo1), Wen Jie Chen1), Szu Han Tan1), Shu Chao Sun2), Ailsa Liang2), Dennis Lidan Lee2)  
(ficonTEC Service GmbH) (Atotech) (1)Intel Products Malaysia, 2)Intel China Ltd.)
15:20 (Invited) TBD I-11 Improve Inductive Contact Failure Loss of IGBT Module Test 25 Technologies for Power Device Packaging by using Solid Liquid Interdiffusion Bonding - SLID 49
Geert Van Steenberge Geert Van Steenberge Mario Baum1), Joerg Froemel3), Christian Hofmann1), Maik Wiemer1), Karla Hiller2), Harald Kuhn1)
(Ghent University) (Nidec) (1)Fraunhofer Institute for Electronic Nanosystems ENAS,  2)Chemnitz University of Technology, 3) Advanced Institute for Materials Research AIMR, 4)Tohoku University)
15:45 (Invited) Multi-Gigabit/s LiFi Networking for 6G I-13 Silver Sintering Technology based on Induction Heating for Chip Level Bbonding 43
Harald Haas Christian Hofmann1), Mario Baum1), Martin Kroll2), Sushant Panhale2), Patrick Rochala2), Maulik Satwara, Kiyoshi Oi3), Kei Murayama3)
(University of Edinburgh) (1)Fraunhofer Institute for Electronic Nano Systems, 2)Chemnitz University of Technology, 3)SHINKO Electric Industries Co., Ltd.)
16:10 Interview with the Authors (Discussion after the session) + Sponsor's Exhibition  Interview with the Authors (Discussion after the session)  Interview with the Authors (Discussion after the session) 
16:25 Coffee break + Sponsor's Exhibition
16:35-18:25 Hall I & II
Chairperson Hideyuki Nasu (Furukawa Electric Co., Ltd) & Takaaki Ishigure (Keio University)
Plenary Speech I & II
16:35 Plenary Speech I: TBD
Martin Schell (Fraunhofer Heinrich-Hertz-Institute)
17:30 Plenary Speech II: Optical Systems and Technologies for Future Mobile Networks
Roberto Sabella (Ericsson)
18:25 Welcome Reception
20:25 Close
November 11, 2021 (Thursday)
Hall I&II Room III Room IV
9:00 Registration
9:15-10:00 Hall I & II  
Chairperson Kazuyuki Nakagawa (Renesas Electronics Corporation) & Yutaka Uematsu (Hitachi, Ltd.)
5G & Beyond 5G Special Speech II
9:15 5G & Beyond 5G Special Speech II: From Cooperative Driving to Collaborative Mobility - Reducing VRU and Unconnected Vehicle Crashes
Robert Gee (Continental )
10:00-10:45 Hall I & II  
Chairperson Kazuyuki Nakagawa (Renesas Electronics Corporation) & Yutaka Uematsu (Hitachi, Ltd.)
5G & Beyond 5G Special Speech III
10:00 5G & Beyond 5G Special Speech III: 5G Evolution and 6G
Takehiro Nakamura (NTT DOCOMO, INC.)
10:45 Coffee break + Sponsor's Exhibition
11:00-12:30 Session 7: Automotive Sensor Systems Session 8: Machine Learning/ Wafer Scale Packaging Session 9: Material Analysis Techniques
Chairperson Chairperson Chairperson
Yutaka Uematsu (Hitachi, Ltd.)
Taiji Sakai (Fujitsu Interconnect Technologies Ltd.)
Shinya Takyu (LINTEC Corporation)
Hajime Kimura (Nissan Motor Co., Ltd.) TBD Naoko Araki (Daicel Corporation)
11:00 (Invited) TBD I-09 Novel Approach for Machine Learning with Extra Low Energy and Very Light Hardware 7 Electrochemical Analysis of Surface Oxide Layers on Copper Surface in Microelectronics 56
Toshio Ito Kanji Otsuka, Koichi Sato, Yutaka Akiyama, Kaoru Hashimoto, Koshi Sato Chi-Hsuan LIN1), Wei-Chen Huang1), Yu-Cheng Ke1), Jenn-Ming Song1), Kiyokazu Yasuda2)
(Shibaura Institute of Technology) (Meisei University) (1)National Chung Hsing University 2)Osaka University)
11:25 Feature Detection Based on Virtual Gradient Using Sensor Fusion for Low-resolution 3D LiDAR 44 Precise Thixotropy Control of Bump Support Film for WLCSP 16 Measurement of Poisson's Ratio of Resin Materials 42
Shuncong Shen, Mai Saito, Toshio Ito Keisuke Shinomiya, Naoya Saiki, Yosuke Sato, Tomotaka Morishita, Reina Kainuma Hiroshi Yamaguchi, Toshiaki Enomoto, Takayuki Fujita
(Shibaura Institute of Technology) (LINTEC Corporation) (Namics Corporation)
11:50 Diagnosis Method of Abnormal Positions in Bidirectional Communication Channel by Using Adaptive Decision Feedback Equalizer 14 Evaluation of Wafer Bond Strength under Vacuum 20
Soshi Shimomura, Yasuhiro Ikeda, Yutaka Uematsu Kai Takeuchi, Tadatomo Suga
(Hitachi Ltd.) (Meisei University)
12:15 Interview with the Authors (Discussion after the session) + Sponsor's Exhibition  Interview with the Authors (Discussion after the session)  Interview with the Authors (Discussion after the session) 
12:30 Lunch (free time) & Sponser seminar
13:30-15:00 Session 10: Bioelectronics-1 Session 11: Automotive SI/PI/EMC Session 12: Dielectric Materials for 5G and 3D Package
Chairperson Chairperson Chairperson
Beomjoon Kim (The University of Tokyo)
Toshio Ito (Shibaura Institute of Technology)
Naoko Araki (Daicel Corporation)
TBD TBD Eiji Higurashi (AIST)
13:30 (Invited) Multi-modal Thin-Film-Transistor Bio-sensing Platforms for Bio-medical Investigations I-01 Practical Simulation Methods Considering Characteristic Variations of Wires for CISPR 25 Conducted Emission 8 Development of Newly Low-dielectric Organic Substrate Material for Millimeter Radar 39
Agnes Tixier-Mita Hidetake Sugo1), Yuta Sarai, Bibhu1). P Nayak2), Harikiran Muniganti2), Dipanjan Gope2), Dipanjan Gope3), Takahiro Tsuda1)   Chie Chikara, Satoshi Yoshiura, Satoshi Kajita, Koji Fujikawa, Taishi Imazato, Tadashi Nagasawa
(University of Tokyo) (1)DENSO CORPORATION, 2)Simyog Technology Pvt. Ltd., 3)Indian Institute of Science) (KYOCERA Corporation)
13:55 (Invited) Biologically Inspired Ultrathin Array Cameras I-02 Abnormal-state-discrimination Method for In-vehicle Communication Channel with Power over Coax Circuit 15 Study of Atomic Layer Deposition of hafnium oxide as an insulation layer on Cu for potential flip chip integration. 10
 Ki-Hun Jeong Yutaka Uematsu1), Soshi Shimomura1), Yasuhiro Ikeda1), Hidetatsu Yamamoto2), Hideyuki Sakamoto1) Alaric Yohei Kawai, Shingo Kataza, Shuichi Shoji, Jun Mizuno
(KAIST) (1)Hitachi Ltd., 2)Hitachi Astemo, Ltd., ) (Waseda University)
14:20 Functional Interfaces for an Openable Artificial Intestinal Tract Device as an Organ-on-a-chip 9 Characterization of Low Loss Dielectric Materials for 5G Applications 5
Shingo Ishibashi, Yuki Inoue, Shiho Shimizu, Satoshi Konishi Tzu Nien Lee, John Lau, CT Ko, Tim Xia, Eagle Lin, Henry Yang, Bruce Lin, Tony Peng
(Ritsumeikan University) (Unimicron)
14:45 Interview with the Authors (Discussion after the session) + Sponsor's Exhibition  Interview with the Authors (Discussion after the session)  Interview with the Authors (Discussion after the session) 
15:00 Coffee break + Sponsor's Exhibition
15:10-16:05 Hall I & II  
Chairperson Beomjoon Kim (The University of Tokyo) & Shinya Takyu (LINTEC Corporation)
Plenary Speech III
15:10 Plenary Speech III: TBD
Avi Baum (Hailo )
16:05-16:50 Hall I & II  
Chairperson Beomjoon Kim (The University of Tokyo) & Shinya Takyu (LINTEC Corporation)
IEEE EPS Special Speech II
16:05 IEEE EPS Special Speech II: Modelling & Simulation: An underpinning technology for Heterogeneous Integration
Chris Bailey (University of Greenwich)
16:50 Coffee break + Sponsor's Exhibition
17:00-18:30 Early Career Researcher's (ECR) Session - On-demand viewing available
On-site/ on-demand poster presentation  On-demand poster presentation only
Tapered Pillar on Optical Fiber Facet Fabricated by UV Curable Resin for High Efficiency Coupling to Silicon Waveguides 11 3D Metal Printed Deformed Elliptical Cavity Bandpass Filter with an Additional Plate 35 Development of the h-BN Mmanufacturing Process for 3D-LSI 17
Taiga Kurisawa, Yoshiki Kamiura, Chiemi Fujikawa, Osamu Mikami Povilas Vaitukaitis, Kenneth Nai, Jiayu Rao, Jiasheng Hong Masashi Yokoi, Satoko Shinkai, Satoshi Matsumoto
(Tokai University) (Heriot-Watt University) (Kyushu Institute of Technology)
Application of Polymer Microlens with Pillar for High Efficiency Coupling between Single Mode Fiber and SiPh Chip 12 Efficient Electro-optic Modulation in Mode-confined Silicon and Polymer Hybrid Modulator 41 3D Metal Printed Corrugated Waveguide Antenna Array With High Gain and Enhanced Bandwidth 32
Yoshiki Kamiura, Taiga Kurisawa, Chiemi Fujikawa, Osamu Mikami  Jiawei Mao, Hiromu Sato, Shiyoshi Yokoyama Jiayu Rao1), Kenneth Nai2), Povilas Vaitukitis1), Jiasheng Hong1)
(Tokai University) (Kyushu University) (1)Heriot-Watt University, 2)Renishaw PLC)
Connection Characteristics of Hollow-Core Fiber Connector 13 Interpolation Method for Sparse Point Cloud at Long Distance Using Sensor Fusion with LiDAR and Camera 48 Modeling of Polarization Rotation Based All Optical Logic Switch Using Ring Resonator 47
Toshiki Maejima1), Hideki Kamitsuna2), Ryuta Matsuda1), Ryo Nagase1)   Mai Saito, Shuncong Shen, Toshio Ito GAURAV KUMAR BHARTI, RAMESH KUMAR SONKAR
(1)Chiba Institute of Technology, 2)YOKOWO CO., LTD.) (Shibaura Institute of Technology) (Indian Institute of Technology)
Demonstration of Flexible Polyimide Fibers for Dense Optical Packaging 18 Modification of Polyurethane-based Binder for Stabilizing Electrical Conductivity of Silver-filled Stretchable Printed Wires During Cyclic Tensions 52
Yuki Okada1), Taro Itatani2), Yoshinobu Okano1), Takeru Amano2), Satoshi Suda2) Kaito Oodzutumi, Hikaru Watanabe, Rena Ohshima, Masahiro Inoue
(1)Tokyo City University, 2)AIST) (Gunma University)
Narrow-bandpass Filter using Orthogonally Propagating Guided-mode Resonance with Doubly Periodic Grating 23 Electrical Conductivity of Air-curable Electrically Conductive Adhesive Containing Copper Fillers Using Mixed Surfactants 54
Zhiyu Yang1), Ryo Asai1), Junichi Inoue1), Kenji Kintaka2), Shogo Ura1) Yukari Matsunami, Daisuke Otajima, Kenta Kawarai, Yuki Saito, Masahiro Inoue
(1)Kyoto Institute of Technology, 2)AIST)  (Gunma University)
18:30 Close
November 12, 2021 (Friday)
Hall I&II Room III Room IV
9:00 Registration
9:15-10:10 Hall I & II
Chair person Kiyokazu Yasuda (Osaka University) & Taiji Sakai (Fujitsu Interconnect Technologies Ltd.)
Plenary Speech IV
9:15 Plenary Speech IV: Heterogeneous Integration for HPC Applications Driven by 5G and AI
John H. Lau (Unimicron)
10:10 Coffee break + Sponsor's Exhibition 
10:25-12:20 Session 13: Wide-gap semiconductor power devices and their heat dissipation methods     Session 14: Optical Interconnect in Data Center
Chairperson Chairperson
Masafumi Yokoyama (SCIOCS)            TBD
Kentaro Kaneko (Kyoto Univ.)                                          TBD
10:25 (Invited) Development of High Thermal Conductive Ceramics and High Thermal Conductive Resins Using Fibrous Aluminum Nitride I-08 Optical Interconnect Ecosystems and Challenges in Co-Packaged Optics 2
Toru Ujihara Takuya Ninomiya1), Heng Loong Lee2), Song Li3), Gang Hsu3), Richard Pitwon4)
(Nagoya University) (1)Senko Advanced Components, Inc., 2)Senko Advanced Components (HK), Ltd., 3)Senko Advanced Components (Shenzhen), Ltd., 4)Resolute Photonics, Ltd.)
10:50 Evaluation of Half-Bridge Power Module with POL-kW 38 Recent Advances for High Speed Optical Interconnects for Datacom Links 36
Shingo Hayashibe1), Kei Murayama1), Koji Bando1), Hirotsugu Suzuki2), Takanori Sugita2) Yi Sun, Robert Lingle
(1)SHINKO ELECTRIC INDUSTRIES CO., LTD., 2)Headspring Inc., ) (OFS Fitel LLC, ) 
11:15 Study on deep traps in α-Ga2O3 by photocapacitance method and deep level optical spectroscopy 6 Reliability and Bend Loss of Optical Fibers in Tight Bend Applications 26
Hitoshi Takane1), Kentaro Kaneko1), Takashi Shinohe2), Shizuo Fujita1) Scott Bickham, G. Scott Glaesemann, Yin Shu, Garth Scannell
(1)Kyoto University, 2)FLOSFIA INC.,  (Corning Research and Development Corporation)
11:40 (Invited) Creating Low Thermal Resistance Interfaces in Wide Bandgap Semiconductors Through Bonding I-12 High-efficiency optical coupling between VCSEL and 90-degree-bent Graded-Index Core Polymer Waveguide with Numeral Aperture Optimization 24
Samuel Graham Naohiro Kohmu1), Maho Ishii2), Takaaki Ishigure2)
(Georgia Institute of Technology) (1)Hitachi, Ltd., 2)Keio University, 
12:05 Interview with the Authors (Discussion after the session) + Sponsor's Exhibition  Interview with the Authors (Discussion after the session) 
12:20 Coffee break + Sponsor's Exhibition 
13:20-14:50 Session 15: New Process and Materials Session 16: Bioelectronics-2
Chairperson Chairperson
Kei Murayama (Shinko Electric Industries Co., Ltd.)
Shigenori Aoki (LINTEC Corporation)
Shinya Takyu (LINTEC Corporation)
13:20 (Invited) Advanced Packaging Materials for 5G Applications I-07 Optical Microneedles Lens Array–combined unit patch: New application tool for photothermal therapy 28
Dongshun Bai Kotaro Shobayashi, Xiaobin Wu, Jongho Park, Beomjoon Kim
(Brewer Science, Inc) (The University of Tokyo)
13:45 (Invited) LCP Technology in 5G era- MetroCirc I-06 A Rapid COVID-19 Diagnostic Device Integrating Porous Microneedles and the Paper-based Immunoassay Biosensor 30
Takashi Noma Leilei Bao, Jongho Park, Soonjin Shim, Misako Yoneda, Chieko Kai, Beomjoon Kim
(Murata Manufacturing Co., Ltd. ) (The University of Tokyo)
14:10 Control of Electrical Behavior of Stretchable Films Printed Using Electrically Conductive Pastes During Cyclic Tensions 60
Masahiro Inoue, Hikaru Watanabe, Kaito Oodzutsumi
(Gunma University)
14:35 Interview with the Authors (Discussion after the session) + Sponsor's Exhibition  Interview with the Authors (Discussion after the session) 
14:50 Coffee break + Sponsor's Exhibition 
15:00-16:55 Session 17: Signal Integrity Session 18: Novel Polymer Technology for Advanced Optical Components
Chairperson Chairperson
Kazuyuki Nakagawa (Renesas Electronics Corp.) TBD
Yasuhiro Ikeda (Hitachi, Ltd.) TBD
15:00 (Invited) Improvements in measurement accuracy of on-wafer measurements from millimeter-wave to terahertz frequencies I-03 Design and Fabrication of Y-branched Polymer Waveguide based Optical Coupler 19
Ryo Sakamaki Ryosuke Hatai, Hiroki Hama, Takaaki Ishigure
(AIST) (Keio University)
15:25 Effect of Surface Treatment of Transmission Line on Frequency Characteristics 29 3-Dimensional Single-mode Over-Crossing Polymer Waveguides for On-board Optical Circuitry 21
Jumpei Miike, Akira Kon, Makoto Miyoshi, Takatoshi Yagisawa MD Omar Faruk Rasel1), Takaaki Ishigure2)
(Fujitsu Optical Components Limited)  (1)Khulna University, 2)Keio University)
15:50 The Electrical Analysis on Ultra High Density IO Fan-Out Design 33 Fabrication of the electro-optic polymer modulator for O-band intra-datacenter communications 37
Po-I Wu, Chen-Chao Wang, Chih-Yi Huang, Hung-Chun Kuo, Ming-Fong Jhong Alisa Bannaron, Hiromu Sato, Shiyoshi Yokoyama
(Advanced Semiconductor Engineering, Inc.) (Kyushu University)
16:15 Noise Reduction Termination for RFI Induced Channel Resonance using Common-mode Choke and Differential Signal Balancer 50 O-band Silicon-polymer Hybrid EO Modulator 40
Masaaki Kameya, Eishi Gofuku, Kazuyuki Nakamura Hiromu Sato, Alisa Bannaron, Shiyoshi Yokoyama
(Kyushu Institute of Technology) (Kyushu University)
16:40 Interview with the Authors (Discussion after the session) + Sponsor's Exhibition  Interview with the Authors (Discussion after the session) 
16:55 Close
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