IEEE CPMT Symposium Japan 2018(ICSJ 2018)


Please use our online registration system, or on-site registration desk during the symposium (ICSJ2018). We don't accept any registration by mail or FAX.

Important Dates:

  • Registration on Website open: August 3, 2018
  • Deadline of early registration: October 19, 2018
  • Extended Deadline of On-line registration: November 16, 2018

Registration Fee (JPY (tax included))

On or before
Oct. 19, 2018
Oct. 19, 2018
Student Speaker
20,000 20,000
Speaker 50,000 55,000
Invited Speaker 40,000 45,000
Session Chair 50,000 55,000
Committee 50,000 55,000
IEEE Member 50,000 55,000
Non IEEE Member 55,000 60,000
Reception Only 10,000 10,000
Plenary Speaker 0 0


These registration fees except for "Reception only" cover refreshments, the proceedings recorded USB memory, and the first-day reception. The registration fee for "Reception only" covers the first-day reception only.


Payment of the workshop fees should be made in Japanese Yen for the total amount due in one of the following methods:

  • by Credit Card in advance:
    VISA, MasterCard, JCB and American Express are acceptable.
    Notice: "Complete of registration" does not equal to "Complete of payment by credit card". If we cannot complete the payment transaction, we will make a contact to you at a later date.
  • by Bank to Bank Transfer:
    Please wire transfer to following bank account until November 13th.
    • Account Name : Kinki Nippon Tourist Co. Shiga Branch
      Account Number : 364333
      Bank Name : The Shiga Bank Otsuekimae Branch
    • ---------------------------------
    • Address for Kinki Nippon Tourist Co.
    • Zip code: 520-0056
    • 1-1 Suehiro-cho Otsu-city Shiga, Japan
    • Tel.: +81-77-522-7518


In case of cancellation, a written notification should be sent directly to ICSJ2018 registration desk to avoid any trouble.

Registration fee is not refundable. In case of cancellation, the conference proceeding will be delivered after the conference if you send a written notification directly to registration desk.


The ICSJ 2018 is meeting focused on a specific field of electronics packaging. The symposium is for discussion and social networking between the professionals, and not widely opened to the public.

Accordingly, as a general regulation, we provide "Letter for Invitation" only to the speakers for the symposium. We'll make an exception when the applicant proves a professional in this field with submission of the following items:
1. Letter of introduction by a noted professor or researcher related to electronics packaging
2. Technical papers with the applicant's name in authors, appeared in international journals on electronics packaging

If you have any question, please let me know.

Registration Desk

ICSJ 2018 Registration Desk

Yoshitomo Ono
Lintec Corporation
5-14-42 Nishiki-cho, Warabi-shi, Saitma 335-0005, Japan
Tel: +81-48-430-1703
Fax: +81-48-430-1726

Tomoyuki Hatakeyama
Toyama Prefectural University
5180 Kurokawa, Imizu-shi, Toyama 939-0398, Japan
Tel: +81-766-56-7500
Fax: +81-766-56-6131

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