The Symposium gives honors to the excellent papers with the Best Paper Award and the Young Researcher Award.
The candidates of the Young Award are under 35 years old.

Best Paper Award 2015

Akihiro Horimoto, Sumitomo Bakelite Co., Ltd.

"Simple Channel Reconnection using Polynorbornene Based GI Waveguide for Optical Interconnect"



Wataru Morita, LINTEC Corporation Research Center

"All in One PE Substrate: Highly Conducting Plastic Substrate with Surface Flatness and Gas Barrier Properties"



Young Researcher Award 2015

Kazuya Nagashima, Furukawa electric co., ltd.

"CDR-integrated Sn-Ag-Cu-solder-reflow-capable miniature 28-Gb/s x 4-channel module"



Takashi Fukue, Iwate University

"Basic Study on Cooling Performance of Pulsating Airflow around Components mounted in High-Density Packaging Electronic Equipment (Effects of Shapes of Components on Cooling Performance)"



Jun Ando, Osaka University

"Raman spectroscopic detection of bio-active small molecules using alkyne-tag"



Aarief Syed-Khaja, Friedrich-Alexander-Universität Erlangen-Nürnberg

"Influential Parameters in the Development of Transient Liquid Phase Soldering (TLPS) as a New Interconnect System for High Power Lighting Applications"



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