The Symposium gives honors to the excellent papers with the Best Paper Award and the Young Researcher Award.
The candidates of the Young Award are under 35 years old.

Best Paper Award 2016

Thomas Löher, Technische Universität Berlin

"Compact power electronic modules realized by PCB embedding technology"



Hideyuki Nasu, Furukawa Electric Co., Ltd.

"28-Gb/s x 4-channel solderable optical transceiver module for QSFP28"



Young Researcher Award 2016

Kento Ohga, Keio University

"Fabrication for Polymer Microchannels with Circular Cross-sections for bio-chip applications"



Daisaku Matsukawa, Hitachi Chemical DuPont MicroSystems,Ltd.

"Novel 200 degC Curable Positive Tone Poly(Benzoxazole) Materials"



Kenji Katori, Keio University

"Tapered Polymer Waveguides with Graded-Index Core for Low-Loss Optical VIA "



Last updated:  2016/11/15