The Symposium gives honors to the excellent papers with the Best Paper Award and the Young Researcher Award.
The candidates of the Young Award are under 35 years old.

Best Paper Award 2019

Kevin Burt, Louis LaCroix, and Raymond Lee

"Design Modifications to an Existing Mid Board Optical Engine to Enable Liquid Immersion Cooling"



Xiaobin Wu, Nobuyuki Takama, and Beomjoon Kim
(The University of Tokyo)

"Biodegradable microneedles - trapezoidal micropatterned patch in the LED therapy"



Young Researcher Award 2019

Ryota Nakazawa and Takaaki Ishigure
(Keio university)

"Fabrication for polymer microchannels with circular cross-section using photo-curable PDMS"



Yoshie Morimoto, Hitomi Matsui, Makoto Hikita, and Takaaki Ishigure
(Keio University)

"Polarization Dependence Analysis of Polymer Optical Waveguides"



ECR session Award 2019

1st place: Ryuki Ishito (Kyushu Institute of Technology)

"Si(100)-GaN/Si(111) Low Temperature Wafer Bonding Process for 3D Power Supply on Chip"

2nd place (tie): Kohei Kawakami (Osaka University)

"Ultrasonic Joining of Carbon Fiber Reinforced Thermoplastic and Magnesium Alloy"

2rd place (tie): Ryo Sato (Tokai University)

"Polymer Optical Coupling Device with Single Mode Fiber for Silicon Photonics"