Paper Award of the 9th Workshop

The workshop gives honors to the excellent papers with the Best Paper Award and the Young Award.
The candidates of the Young Award are under 35 years old.

Best Paper Award

Si Interposers Integrated with SrTiO3 Thin Film Decoupling Capacitors and Through-Si-Vias:
Koichi Takemura, Akira Ohuchi and kinobu Shibuya,
Device Platforms Research Laboratories, NEC Corporation

Young Paper Award

Room Temperature Wafer Bonding Using Surface Activated Bonding Method:
Shingo Taniyama, (co-authors: Ying-Hui Wang, Masahisa Fujino, and Tadatomo Suga),
School of Engineering, the University of Tokyo

Numerical Analysis and Experimental Validation for the Prediction of Flip Chip Solder Joint Standoff Height in MEMS Microphone Application:
effery C.C.LO, (co-author: S.W.Ricky Lee),
Electronics Packaging Laboratory Center for Advanced Microsystems Packaging Hong Kong University of Science and Technology

 Last updated:  2009/ 3/27