Photo Library of 9th Workshop (Dec. 1-2, 2008)

Workshop attendees at the welcome party.

Photo album of Workshop in December 1st

Registration Desk

Supplementary Prize of Best Paper Award

Conference room

Conference room

Opening Remarks

Invited Talk, Dr. Schaper

Session 1, Dr. Löher

Session 1, Mr. Nakagawa

Tutorial Session, Dr. Otsuka

Session 2, Mr. Taoka

Session 2, Mr. Matsuzaki

Session 2, Mr. Amagai

Session 2, Mr. Ankireddi

Session 2, Mr. Kuzuno

Session 3, Mr. C.C.Lo

Session 3, Mr. Amagai

Session 4, Mr. Nishio

Session 4, Mr. Hashimoto

Session 4, Ms. Park

Session 4, Mr. Iguchi

Session 4, Mr. Yamagishi

Photo album of Welcome Party

Photo album of Workshop in December 2nd

Session 5, Mr. Uchibori

Session 5, Ms. Wang

Session 5, Mr. Orii

Session 5, Ms. Vardaman

Session 6, Mr. Hussain

Session 6, Mr. Takei

Session 6, Mr Kurihara

Session 6, Mr. Miyoshi

Lunch Time

Award Ceremony

Young Paper Award
Ms. Wang (University of Tokyo)

Young Paper Award
Mr. C.C.Lo (Hong Kong University of
Science and Technology)

Best Award
Mr. Takemura (NEC Corporation)

Session 7, Mr. Ou

Session 7, Mr. Takemura

Session 7, Mr. Ishi

Session 7, Mr. Wang

Session 8, Ms. Wang

Session 8, Dr. Schaper

Session 8, Mr. Maebashi

Closing Remarks

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