Privacy Policy

IEEE CPMT Symposium Japan 2023 ("the Symposium") handles personal information provided in the course of use of the ICSJ2023 website ("the Website") with care in accordance with its General Rules on the Protection of Personal Information and strives to maintain the confidentiality of such information.

1. Collection of personal information
The Website requests users to enter and transmit personal information in the following circumstances:

(1) When making a registration of the Symposium.

2. Purposes for which personal information is used.
The use of personal information provided by users of the Website is restricted to the following purposes as well as those listed in Section 1 above ("Collection of personal information"):

(1) To contact the user.
(2) To conduct statistical analysis for the purpose of providing or improving the Website.
(3) To accomplish another purpose to which the user has agreed.
(4) To provide information concerning to the Symposium deemed to be of benefit to the user

3. Disclosure of personal information
The Company handles personal information provided by users with care and, with the following exceptions, does not provide or disclose such information to third parties:

(1) When the user agrees to such disclosure.
(2) When such disclosure is required by law.


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