Sponsorship Opportunities

ICSJ2023 invites you to be an official corporate sponsor, the company name and logo of which will be published on the official conference program and the official ICSJ website. ICSJ2023 offers some attractive benefits depending on the grade of sponsorship.

Sponsorship Packages by Grade

Grade Platinum* Gold* Silver* Bronze
Fee ¥300,000 ¥200,000 ¥150,000 ¥50,000
Promotional Video at the Conference Reception
Promotional Seminars during Lunchtime
 Promotional Speech at the Chair Reception
Sponsorship and Presentation of ECR Award
Exhibition Booth**
 Advertising Video Streaming Before Plenary
Special Sessions
During Break Time
between Sessions
During Break Time
between Sessions
Conference Registration for Free 2 1 2 1
 Ad in Final Program and Proceeding Full Full Half
On the Board at the Conference 
Large Medium Small Small
On Session Screen Large Medium Small Small
On the Backboard in the Conference
 Hall and Rooms
ICSJ web site
Name Badge Strap or Novelty***
Direction Board for Coffee Break
* Two types of sponsor benefit available: (A) exhibitor opportunity or (B) other alternative option.
** The number of exhibition space is limited. The exhibitions space is provided on first-come, first-served basis.
*** Name badge strap option is provided to one company only, while other novelty options are provided to multiple companies and their logos are co-printed on the novelties. 
Sponsor-Care Chair of ICSJ2023

Kei Murayama (Shinko Electric Industries Co., Ltd.), kei_murayama@shinko.co.jp
Ryo Sakamaki (AIST), ryo.sakamaki@aist.go.jp

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