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Message from General Chair

         Thank you for attending IEEE CPMT Symposium Japan 2017. On behalf of the committee of IEEE CPMT Symposium Japan, it is our great pleasure to have all of you again in Kyoto. This symposium had started as VLSI Packaging Workshop in Japan in 1992, held in Kyoto every 2 years, to discuss packaging technologies for VLSI chips. The workshop was founded by Otsuka-sensei from Meisei University. In 2010, the workshop was renovated as IEEE CPMT Symposium Japan. As technology innovation keeps getting faster, the symposium has become an annual event starting 2012. So quarter century has passed since the first event and this year's symposium is the 7th time of ICSJ. So this year's ICSJ will be a memorial symposium for all of you.

         Then, please let me change the subject and tell a personal story. I was born in Hiroshima, but I was not raised in Hiroshima. I was born there and grew up there until three years because of my father's business. So I have only a few memories of Hiroshima. But Hiroshima is sometimes on my mind. As you know, Hiroshima is the city where the atomic bomb was dropped for the first time. It was about twenty years before I was born. Last year, Barack Obama at the time of the President of the United States came to Hiroshima and made the speech for our future peace at Hiroshima Peace Memorial Park. It was very impressive event for me. Also I think it is very meaningful that people get together at that place, Hiroshima and think about peace, human behavior and also usage of technologies. The discovery of radiation followed by the discovery of nuclear energy was a major step in science and technologies for human being. However, if we make a mistake in using new technologies, they can cause a big tragedy that we did not suspect. Hiroshima speaks of it to us silently. Our field; semiconductor technologies are no exception to make a mistake in usage. We also have risk that our technologies might be used for threatening peace. Unfortunately, we have known that military applications have been the driving force for the development of new technologies historically. But I would like to dare to say that our new technologies should be only used for human happiness. The aim of human happiness will lead the development of new technologies. I hope this symposium will support this kind of point of view.

         This year's theme is "Integrated package all around your life". Integrated Package is one of the key technologies and exists all around your life. ICSJ2017 will emphasize three main topics: Fan-Out technologies, Optoelectronics and Heterogeneous Integration Roadmap. There must be greater opportunity to create novel technologies. Many material and equipment will be needed to create Integrated Package. In Japan, there are many materials and equipment companies to support this innovative motivations. ICSJ provides a place for professionals to communicate with each other.

         Finally, thank you again for all. This Symposium will be supported by all the presenters and all the audience. You are the ICSJ2017. I expect that this symposium provides you a great opportunity to interact with professionals from variety of technology for your future works. I hope ICSJ2017 will be the memorable beginning for your innovations from Japan.

Shinya Takyu
LINTEC Corporation
IEEE CPMT Symposium Japan 2017, General Chair


Plenary and Invited Speakers:

Plenary Speakers
Jan Vardaman (TechSearch International, Inc.)
Peter O'Brien (Tyndall National Institute)
Stephen E. Ralph (Georgia Institute of Technology)
CPMT Special Speakers
William Chen (ASE Global)
Bill Bottoms (Advanced Polymer Monitoring Technologies)
S.W. Ricky Lee (Hong Kong University of Science & Technology)
Special Speakers
Amy P. Lujan (SavanSys Solutions LLC)
Shuzo Akejima (Rising Technologies Co.,Ltd)
Invited Speakers
Blanca Ruiz (Reichle & De-Massati AG)
Martin Schell (Fraunhofer Heinrich-Hertz-Institut)
Scott Bickham (Corning Research and Development Corporation)
Kevin Burt (Samtec Incorporated)
Hideyuki Nasu (Furukawa Electric Co., Ltd.)
Advanced Packaging:
Yasumitsu Orii (NAGASE & CO., LTD.)
Yu Shoji (Toray Industries, Inc.)
Shinichi Endo (Ushio Inc.)
Masateru Koide (Fujitsu Advanced Technologies Ltd.)
Power Electronics & Automotive:
Hiroshi Yamaguchi (National Institute of Advanced Industrial Science and Technology (AIST))
Kentaro Kaneko (Kyoto University, FLOSFIA Inc.)
Noriyuki Iwamuro (University of Tsukuba)
Masayoshi Yamamoto (Nagoya University)
Iwao Yoshino (Microwave Chemical Co., Ltd.)
Takahiko Hariyama (Hamamatsu University School of Medicine)
Masataka Mochizuki (The Heat Pipes)


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